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Sparkling Rosé

A bubbly personnality!


This sparkling wine is elaborated according to the «Méthode Charmat”, consisting in a second fermentation process before the bottling.
Sugar and yeast are added to the base wine, which is kept at a temperature of 20°C. This second fermentation takes place in a pressure-resistant steel tank during 10 days. Once it is completed, the sparkling wine is chilled to -2°C in order to stabilise it and reduce its effervescence. It is filtered at low
temperature and then bottled with a counter-pressure filler.

Tasting Notes

Fruity, seductive with fine bubbles and a delicate balance between sweetness and freshness.

Food Pairing

Great match with salmon tartar, chicken with tarragon, strawberry soup.


Sparkling wine

Varietal Composition

Gamay, Grenache, Pinot, Airen, Ugni blanc

Sparkling Rosé Bottle