Living Large: Share your Fat bastard stories!

Tell us your stories about how you have regaled friends and family with the Fat bastard. Share with us your thoughts and impressions of the Fat bastard or simply fill out our Questionnaire!

Fat bastard saves the day!

On a family vacation in Florida, my wife and sister-in-law went to the store for groceries and wine. Upon return to the condo, my wife was carrying the grocery bags and my sister-in-law was taking charge of the wine. My sister-in-law tripped on the steps and broke the two bottles of wine that she was carrying. Of course that made a big mess, and the two of them spent about 40 minutes cleaning up the wine and broken glass. Later that day my wife sent me back to the store for something that they forgot to buy. Feeling sorry for them, I went to the wine section and started looking at all the wine. When I saw Fat bastard I laughed and thought to myself that it was Fat bastard that made my sister-in-law trip, so I bought a bottle of Fat bastard Merlot. When I got back I handed the bottle of Fat bastard to my sister-in-law. We all had a good laugh and I have to tell you they loved Fat bastard! So as my wife said, "It was Fat bastard who saved the day!"
-- Unknown

Live, Laugh, Love

If anyone is offended by this name, you are not living large enough. Humor is the best spice in life and laughter has been proven to increase your life span! To have it with good food, good people and a great glass of wine is the way to live! My husband and I ordered 2 bottles of your wine for my father for Fathers Day 2010. The card reads, "Dear Dad, Happy Fathers Day! We hope you enjoy your 2 Fat bastards! Love Heidi & Tom." He will have a lot of fun with this.
-- Heide

Hippo Love

We are hippo collectors and have been to Africa on safari three times to observe hippos. We love your wine and, since all our friends know we like hippos, we always give your wine as hostess gifts, etc. We like the quality and value of Fat bastard and always buy it.
-- Ellie and Don

FAT Memories with Dad

In December of 2007, my family made a much anticipated Christmas trip to visit my Mom and Dad who we hardly get to see. We had not all been together for Christmas in many years, and in hindsight, it was the trip of a lifetime.

Our time together was filled with love, laughter, and wonderful memories. It was then that we were first introduced to Fat bastard Cabernet Sauvignon. It was and still is the best red wine I've ever tasted! A few months later, my father unexpectedly passed away before I could say goodbye. It was terrible to lose him, but I was so thankful to have memories of him from our holiday together. Now whenever we celebrate my Dad, we open a few bottles of Fat bastard wine and toast the memories he gave us.
-- Kathy, Canada

Grocery Etiquette

I was in the grocery store one day, searching for your label, and could not locate it. When I asked an employee if they carried Fat bastard, she got offended by my use of the word bastard and walked away saying that their store did not appreciate the use of profanity......and all I wanted was to purchase my favorite wine!
-- Jeannie

The Break-up

I just wanted to share a little story; I bought a bottle of Fat bastard because of the name. I took it to my boyfriend's house to enjoy with dinner, and well, we ended up getting into a huge fight! I left in a rush, forgetting the bottle was in the fridge. ... more

Here's to the In-Laws

I first saw Fat bastard in a NJ store when I was sent out by my wife to buy a bottle of wine to take to her sister and brother-in-law's and house for dinner. We were not getting along well with them at the time and I bought Fat bastard as a joke. When I got home, I showed my wife ... more

Fat bastard Shocked the Sheriff!

Well, first off, this is an email from someone who you would normally not expect to hear from; I'm in law enforcement.

I just wanted to compliment you on your 2005 Merlot. I just opened a bottle and loved it. ... more

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